Teaching and Practice



  1. God is kind and there is no evil in him.
  2. Man is originally immaculate.
  3. This world is a mixture of evil and good.
  4. John Bogomil is of the prophetic lineage.
  5. Goddess Mother plays the key role in our salvation.

1. The Kind God.

Our Kind God has no evil in Him, no judgment, no punishment, no fear. He does not play with evil and does not use evil as temptation or test for us. He is absolutely outside the existence of evil, so evil has no origin in God.

2. Man is originally immaculate.

This is the opposite idea to original sin, which was made up by the so-called saint Augustine. Every human soul at his original birth was immaculate and still is immaculate, despite all corruptions it passed through. We keep this immaculacy within us and we can reveal it; it is the basis of each human being and not only human but most creatures around us are also immaculate.

3. This world is a mixture of evil and good.

This world is not 100% created by God, neither is it all created by the devil. It is a mixture. Around us exist many examples of beauty like flowers and butterflies, singing birds, forests, and grasses. There are beautiful oceans and seas but they are not 100% pure. There is a drop of corruption in everything. Of course, there are opposite examples such as scorpions, spiders, poisonous snakes, and so on, which are not divine creatures.

One has to inherit the gift of discernment. What is good? What is evil? This gift one can only inherit from a person who already possesses it.

 4. John Bogomil is of the prophetic lineage.

The prophetic lineage did not end with Christ, as our brothers-Christians say, not even with Muhammad, which is the main belief of our brothers-Muslims. This prophetic lineage was continued and is being continued until now and that today God speaks to our elder John Bogomil whom we believe to be a real prophet.

He has written more than 150 volumes and about 25 are volumes of direct revelations from Heaven. There are also comments on those revelations, his seminars and lectures, his poetry and hagiographies, the biographies of our saints.

5. Goddess Mother plays the key role in our salvation.

This belief was also the belief of the Cathars in medieval times and in the first century of the community in the Middle Eastern city of Ephesus. The Goddess Mother or female face of God is the manifestation, emanation of God through which we receive salvation and transformation.

As Christ said: ‘You have to born again from Heaven’ and for that you have to return to the heavenly womb, where you will be conceived anew and from which you will be delivered. This womb is our great Goddess Mother, She nourishes us, She forms us, She liberates us from all corruption. She guides us and teaches us how to win in spiritual battles.

Today all gifts that our great elder, father John Bogomil, possesses he receives from Heaven. All grace, all light, all joy we receive from Heaven comes from our beloved Goddess Mother. Cathars entrust themselves to Her, follow Her guidance and receive Her protection.

The Cathars consider themselves to be the heirs of ancient Hyperborea. Fourteen great holy nations lived within the unity of the Hyperborean family where an atmosphere of tenderness, trust and love reigned among them.

Purity, as a basis of sanctity, was achieved by a special dedication to the immaculate Goddess Virgin Mother. Complete inner human transfiguration was accomplished with the power of virginal purity.

The Cathars believe that God is love, pure and virginal and that there is no place for punishment, judgment, evil, illness or death. God does not permit man to experience evil directly or indirectly. All evil is from the prince of this world, the devil.

The Cathars believe that it is possible for man to achieve holiness by becoming phenomenally kind, because the source of unearthly kindness is the original immaculacy. Heavenly kindness is so powerful that it converts people to Catharism instantly.

The depth of Cathar teaching is astonishing because it tells us that man was born in heaven from the last myrrhic drop of love of our Most High and that he is immortal and divine. As each soul approaches the earth the prince of this world fraudulently performs the adaptive remodeling and as a consequence the soul forgets about the good Father, the heavenly fatherland, and mistakenly confesses the prince of this world, as her father and creator.

The Cathars recognize only the power and language of love, and reject the language of authoritarianism and usurpation. Any type of force or violence is categorically excluded.

“Oh, if only people knew what kind of life is possible on earth! They would leave their worldly concerns and become as simple and pure as we are!”- the Cathars exclaim like children.

Our contemporary anointed John Bogomil has inherited the spiritual treasure of the ancient Cathars from white elders. In his numerous books he reveals the secrets of this great spiritual movement.

Cathar communities are led by elders, who have reached the level of personified deities. Their faces shine with supercelestial light, and they possess spiritual secrets, perform healing miracles and resurrect the dead.

They are given the right to determine the fate of the world and to guide earthly and spiritual processes. They possess might over the elements and communicate with birds, animals, and plants.

The divine spirit of love and wisdom dwells in them and their every word is sacred and inviolable. For most of the time they live in seclusion, in unceasing prayer and contemplation.

Cathar faith is alive. Sufis, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians of all the times profess themselves to be as kind as the Cathars. There have been many cases, where they miraculously lived together in peace under the protection of one kind divinity.

The Cathars’ objective is to return divine dignity and universal spirituality to mankind, which is lost as a result of adaptive remodeling.

The future of humanity lies within the spirituality of the Cathars, states John Bogomil, who prophetically proclaims the birth of a new civilization similar to ancient Hyperborea, when divinities became human beings and humans were divinized.