Modern-day Cathars


The famous European Cathar movement is of great interest today among a wide audience ranging from scientists of the history of religion to those who are endeavouring to solve their inner problems with spirituality. We can boldly call Catharism a phenomenon of human civilization.

The paradox is that there is practically no objective information about Cathars. Everything that has come to light today is originally from inquisitors, the direct enemies of medieval Cathars.

Spiritual writer and leader of the modern Cathar movement John Bogomil has literally restored the green laurel of the Cathar Church back to life again. He reveals the ancient teachings of kind people which include:

  1. The mysteries of the heavens, of the human being, and of the earth.
  2. The steps of the spiritual path.
  3. The practice of purification and liberation from evil.
  4. The keys to open the spiritual heart.
  5. The accumulation of the divine spirit of pure love.
  6. How to become a million times kinder etc.

It is quite logical to say: if you want to know more about Cathars – ask Cathars themselves!