THE HOLY GRAIL: Being in Virginal Love

A spiritual commentary on the medieval legends, ballads and stories of the mystery of the Knights of the Round Table and the compelling quest for the Holy Grail.


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The famous movement of the European Cathars, destroyed by the Roman inquisition in the Middle Ages, causes great interest today.

The outstanding thinker, John Bogomil, rehabilitates and comprehends in a new way the phenomenon of the catharism, which was the spiritual foundation of the European democracy and humanism.

The Immortals reveal themselves and explain the foundations of their unique spirituality, and invite the reader to inherit their treasury.

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CATHARISM (Vol.2 | 2016)

The magazine of the international Cathar movement about modern day Cathar culture, history and spirituality. 16 authors contributed to this volume to unveil the mysterious tradition of the medieval Cathar civilization, which is being revived today.


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Some people accept the indisputable authority of Tetraevangelion. Others add ancient apocrypha to it.

John Bogomil, Cathar writer and spiritual leader, the author of four hundred and fifty divinely revealed books, says that thousands of sacred scrolls of the Eternal Gospel exist and are stored in Heaven. And the Gospel of Mary Magdalene is one of the most beautiful pages of these mysterious scrolls.

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CATHARISM. An Introduction

This brochure will not answer all your questions but certainly presents a clear image of the basics of the Cathar spiritual path.

If you long to live according to the laws of divine love and the truth of simple inner virtues, this brochure is for you! It is for brave hearts, bright souls and pioneers who will successfully create a new paradigm together in the unprecedented days and times ahead.



This divinely revealed discourse by John of the Holy Grail is dedicated to the memory of 200 million anonymous martyrs. It is the great Golgotha of the XXth century, which took place in Siberia and Solovki, in Stalin’s Moscow and Franco’s Spain, on the battlefields of World War II and in the torture chambers of Gulag…

Enough suffering and sorrows have been endured, but they were not in vain. Martyrs are descending to Earth as crowned victors!­­­­­­



Nightingale Mountain will become the centre of a new divine humanity in the forth coming immaculate civilization.A book of revelation from the Goddess-Virgin-Mother on top of Nightingale Mountain, near the ancient city of Ephesus, which describes for the first time in history, the mysterious sixteen years of Her life after Christ’s Calvary.


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 KING ARTHUR. The Knighthood of Absolute Goodness

This is a book of spiritual research on Arthurian legends, which deciphers and unveils the mysterious meanings of sacred texts in an absolutely unprecedented way. It is aimed to restore and return the high image of the spiritual knighthood to mankind.


THE KING SOLOMON and the universal Temple of Peace

This book will seriously question your knowledge of the greatest prophet, sage, and messiah of ancient Israel, the legendary King Solomon.

The dramatic spiritual crisis and enlightenment from Alma Mater Dei, which the Judaic king experienced, liken him to other great reformers of the past - Pharaoh Akhenaton, Zoroaster, and Hannibal of Carthage.

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GUAN MIN AND THE DIVINE MOTHER. The theogammas of Bogomilism

A book of Cathar readings from 2012 on the mysterious spirituality of Guan Min in the third millennium. The author, Blessed John Bogomil, presents the unique teaching of new humanism and recounts the ancient Hyperborean and Atlantean legends and prophecies in this book.

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THE PIANO AS THE LYRE OF ORPHEUS: Notes on the Revolution of the Pianoforte

The author presents a completely new, revolutionary approach towards music as the language of divinity, and towards musical performance as a way of revealing the inner, spiritual being of the listener as well as the performer. This book is of particular interest to musicians, composers and methodologists in search of new ways of composing, interpreting and playing classical music.

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THE HOLY GRAIL, initiation into the Knighthood of Goodness

What is the Holy Grail? Where is it now? How can it be found? What is the mystery of the order of the Round Table, and is it possible to be a knight in our time? The author of this book builds a wonderful bridge between ancient legends and the present day. Lohengrin and Parzival, Tristan and Isolde, Amfortas and Lancelot, King Arthur and Gawain not only come to life on the pages of this book, but they become our contemporaries, generously sharing revelations on how to follow the laws of heavenly kindness completely, whilst living on earth. Each chapter of the book is a fascinating journey with kind and loyal friends, the revelation of love, and instruction in radiant, supreme wisdom. It is well known that a myth which has lost the key to its meaning becomes at best a story with a moral, or simply a children s fairy tale. However, when the key is found, a myth can bring about consecration. John Bogomil, mystic, thinker, poet, musician, and the heir of the archetypal spirituality of the ancient Bogomils and Cathars, which is the basis of the legends of the Holy Grail, generously opens up the treasury of the Grail to everyone who desires to find new goals and paths. Whoever reads this book thoughtfully and with the heart and is enlightened by the knightly ideal will receive high consecration and will enter into the great brotherhood of kind heroes!

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