John Bogomil is undoubtedly a prominent personality: a mystic of the highest rank, a notable thinker and a brilliant writer. More than 500 divine­ly inspired books and treaties flowed from his pen. He as­tounds with an inexhaustible source of wisdom and the pen­etrating voice of the last truth.

John Bogomil was born in Rus­sia in 1946. From an early age he rejected Bolshevik ideals. John received an excellent mu­sical education and was an ac­knowledged, talented young poet. He was expected to pursue a career as a writer, poet or musician, but he left everything to become a pilgrim: he wanted to know God and the truth.

He travelled to many temples and monasteries, across many lands. He looked for kind elder-guidance and found it in Euphrosinia. Mother Euphrosinia belonged to a catacomb branch of Bogomils. It was the Church of Martyrs that had been persecuted for centuries.

The spiritual elders of the catacomb church ordained John Bogomil as a priest. He became the head of the secret branch of the Church of Martyrs.

He began his service as a priest in the 1980’s. He established the Mother of God Church in the early 1990’s after the col­lapse of the Soviet Union. Since then his followers set up many Bogomil and Cathar communities in different countries.

Some of John Bogomil’s books are translated into English, Spanish, Croatian, German and other languages.

John Bogomil supports the theory that medieval Catharism was the source of the Reformation and European democracy.

The followers of John Bogomil restore the culture of medi­eval minstrels and troubadours. Now, after many years, the Cathar Church of Love is reborn.

The Blessed Virgin appeared to John Bogomil and calling him “a kindred one”, “like My spirit” raised him to the prophetic ministry to mankind.

More than forty volumes of the “Revelations of Our Lady” are the result of the confidential dialogues of John Bogomil with the heavenly Queen and a new page in the universal chronicle of appearances of the Most Pure Virgin.

The special theme of John Bogomil is the Golgotha of Solovki, where 100000 of the martyrs repeated the earthly feat of our Saviour in reality. Complete oblivion threatened them, the martyrs of GULAG. But they found the greatest beatitude after their reappraisal of values and voluntary consent to take martyrdom.

The anointed one believes in pure love as the highest treasure. “There are many ways to God – John Bogomil teaches, but the way of love is the most wonderful and blissful. Only those can follow it, who take the seals of virginity and crave for the cross. Other paths are only preparation to the way of love.” How much the inflamed candle of love in the heart should flare up to proclaim the way of virginal love.

His every speech, book and revelation is a unique new word that is revealed to humanity each time as the first one. Any meeting with him transfigures, ennobles: seemingly, in no way noticeable and ordinary person changes in the twinkling of an eye into a beautiful-faced angel, shaken to the bottom of his heart by the revelation of the ineffable beauty of unearthly wisdom.

The paramount, what you can learn from John Bogomil is exorbitant love for people. Having been illuminated with it, you begin to understand how mysterious and beautiful a human being is before the eyes of a kind and loving Father.