International Recognition


The intense search for inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue urged John Bogomil to establish connections with the major representatives of world religions. In May 1992, at an invitation of Dr. John Rossner, the founder-president of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (NGO affiliated with the UN), he participated in the international inter-faith congress of non-traditional religions in Montreal, Canada.

After the congress in Montreal, father John travelled to the Marian community in Lavenir (Canada) to meet its spiritual patron, the visionary and stigmatist Mary Daniel. In Canada, father John also had a discussion with Fred Schubert, the spiritual child of Catherine Doherty (the Russian baroness in exile, the founder of the Christian charity movement, and author of the famous treatise “Desert” about the worship of God in the modern world).

In 1993, Father John visited Japan. The Community in Hiroshima gladly met the Russian mystic and prophet, and in his person, the Community’s mentor together with her spiritual children, found their father. The participation in the Conference of the Orthodox and Catholic Bishops of Japan in 1994, and in Moscow, in 1995, have become landmark events in his international mission.

As part of his spiritual ministry in the name of the Immaculate Lady and the Church, John Bogomil has also organized numerous theological discussions, symposiums, and conferences. His pastoral and socio-educational activities finally gained international recognition. In 1994, in “recognition of his exceptional contribution to work in the name of humanity, and to the promotion of understanding and peace among peoples”, father John was appointed as a special consultant of the International Association “Educators for World Peace”, a non-profitable NGO affiliated with the UN. The Association’s President Dr. Charles Mercieca (Professor of History and Philosophy of the University of Alabama, USA, and a prominent figure in the international Marian movement) became father John’s faithful friend, and dedicated a series of articles to the spiritual service of John Bogomil.

In 1995, father John organized the ecumenical council in Moscow. Renown Marian visionaries – Maria Daniel, Emil Fifield, and Andrew Wingate attended, as well as many Catholic bishops and priests. The council united the righteous Christian leaders in the spirit of love and worship of the Mother of God.

In June 1997, John Bogomil was awarded the honorary diploma from the international organization “Legion of Mary” (Legion of Mary) as a “man whose whole life is a living monument to the service of love and peace”.

In 1998, in recognition of his special achievements, the International Bibliographic Centre (Cambridge, England) included John Bogomil’s name (Ioann Bereslavsky) in the 13th edition of the encyclopedia “Who’s Who among Intellectuals”.

With a peacekeeping mission, John Bogomil visited many countries in Europe, and also Northern America and Asia. As part of these trips, he held numerous conferences and meetings, revealing to the audience the great experience of Christian ascetic tradition and the secrets of the past civilizations. He met in person with the patriarch of Zen Buddhism Dr. Kyungbo-Seo Bo, the Sikh leader Bhai Manjit Singh, the Sufi leader Shaykh Nazim, and leaders of other spiritual schools. His international visits to Canada, Spain, Japan, Croatia, Poland and Germany received wide coverage from the local media. In May 2001, in recognition of John Bogomil’s international mission, the International association of Educators for World Peace awarded him the honorary diploma of Albert Einstein. In 2002, during his missionary trip to the United States, father John was awarded the certificate of honorary citizenship of the city of Huntsville, Alabama, in recognition of his achievements in strengthening of the spiritual peace and cooperation among churches.

According to Dr. Charles Mercieca, “his ecumenical dialogue both with other branches of Christianity, and also with other religions such as Islam and Buddhism is especially noteworthy. His knowledge of the most complex theological, philosophical and social issues is unsurpassed… His greatest spiritual gift is his ability to find the positive and constructive side in nearly all phenomena of the modern world.”

Wherever the messenger of Our Lady travels, She is continuously with him, revealing unceasingly Her Divine Wisdom and spiritual truths. In early revelations, the Mother of God told already Her messenger that Her Word would be miraculously accepted by people of all confessions, as a secret doctrine lying at the basis of their native religions. As She has repeatedly emphasized in Her messages, “I am the Mother of Supreme Wisdom who has inspired all the great spiritual masters of mankind”. John Bogomil believes that this secret of the Mother of God in the future will lead to the unification of the righteous of all nations in the true worship of One God, the Father of Pure Love.

“The Church is a perfect Mirror of the all-loving God”, told Father John in his radio interviews. The peculiarity of our faith is that we believe in a merciful and loving God, and we understand the Cross not only as a one-time redemption, according to the “legalist” theology (i.e. Christ’s crucifixion as a retribution for the sins of mankind), but as God’s Light and Love whose suffering and crucifixion continues to the present day.” Spiritual suffering and spiritual battles have been an integral part of father John’s ministry. During his prayers, father John sacrificially shares the cross of all abandoned and suffering people in the world. But the Lord always reveals to Him the great meaning of his sorrows. The spiritual sharing with Christ of His crucifixion at the Golgotha, and His loneliness and abandonment at Gethsemane is the only way to reveal to mankind His Heavenly Love. This Crucified Love cannot be passed to and accepted by fallen humanity otherwise than through the mystery of the Cross. As a perfect vehicle of God, John Bogomil reveals this Divine Fatherly Love to the people and it is this Love that, according to him, is the main force that can overcome the evils of the modern world.