God Wants Peace



God wants peace

‘Let mankind, which is tormented by wars, feuds and injustice, be assured that God is merciful and infinitely loves His creation. Moreover, the Most High wants us to become His instruments of divine love and mercy and not only in words, but having it witnessed practically and actively in our earthly service.

Love is a great art. Love excludes wars and longs for dialogue. Love presupposes mercy and sacrifice in freedom; a wish to give one’s own life for one’s brother, not to take his life, and a desire to serve God in the person of one’s neighbour.

Peacemaking is the cross which requires maximum efforts and spiritual courage. True faith consists not only in following spiritual practices or dogmatic principles and liturgical statutes, but in striving for the ultimate goal of every religion, which is the unity between man and God and between human and human in divine love.

The conditions, necessary for preventing wars, are peace between religions and denominations, repentance, and the turning of mankind to the eternal divine values, named in the Gospel ‘an imperishable treasure’, which everyone should gather, according to Christ’s spiritual commandment’.

Revelation of the Divine Mother, September 19, 2001.

‘What I am reading in the hearts of European, American or Russian politicians is nothing but evil, selfishness and dark intentions. The bank mafia is their god. Exploitation of slave labour and swindling the neighbour are their ideals.

I have no one to rely on, except My faithful ones, who are able to realize soberly: prayer to the living Virgin is of great value’.

Revelation of the Divine Mother, March 6, 2014

‘My child! Today, I address a request for peacemaking to the world. Become kinder! Leave evil behind as an implement of revenge and mean thoughts. Hate evil in thousands of its modifications, and partake from the tree of good, so that I could name you My children and bring you to the Bridal supper of our Beloved’.

Revelation of the Divine Mother, February 8, 2012

‘Only those will be named My children, in whom I can see My origin of ineffable love and uncompromising kindness. Try to grasp the latter concept. Uncompromising kindness excludes wars or violence, condemnation or hatred… Mankind can be healed only by an instrument of patience and wisdom, love and kindness. Add the inevitable ever-virginal purity of the mother-of-pearl-bone, and you will get a perfect image of an elder. All other methods of deliverance of the world from evil are fruitless’.

Revelation of the Divine Mother, February 8, 2012

‘The destinies of the world are in the hands of your Solar Sovereign, whose authority of merciful love and divine-motherly kindness extends beyond the earth, to thousands of good worlds.

I will inculcate aversion to war in the hearts of millions. Warmongers will suddenly be paralyzed and will not be able to complete their ominous plans and moves of their devilish ‘chess game’, which they play with flagrant thoughtlessness. 

The devil prepares repartition of the world. In vain! Once again he will acknowledge My sovereign power and the might of the sceptre of the most merciful Patroness-Mother of mankind in its most critical times’.

 Revelation of the Divine Mother, March 6, 2014