The Cathar Congress

The Cathar-Bogomil Congress (Pantheon) of October 2014 was a solution to the threat of atomic world war.

Cathar White Elders are surrounded with kind and virginal souls who wish to live in purity, rejecting the language of evil and the false ideals of the material world. The Cathar Pantheon united such people from all the corners of the planet with the shared purpose of bringing the light of higher kindness to Earth and smashing the kingdom of darkness, which usurps the world. On Cathar land in the Spanish province of Catalonia the knights’ Pantheon shone with the power of the spiritual sword, which Christ referred to in the Gospel.

We have received the keys of salvation, which will transform dusty megalopolises to fragrant garden-cities. There will be no liars and conformists under the guise of the benefactors of mankind. There will be no usurpation, lust or materialism, but the freedom, equality and brotherhood of a theocivilization will be revealed and protected by our kindest Mother and Father of pure love.