Public Talks

Public Talks


10 Nov 2018 at 7 p.m.

Cathar astrology is based on a system of sixteen kind constellations from ancient Hyperborea. It has only positive qualities. Hyperborea was an immaculate civilization where evil could not exist. Hyperborean society was led by White Elders who were considered to be incarnate deities because they were so wise, peaceful, merciful, beautiful and kind.

This talk is by Cathar White Knights from castles of the Holy Grail in Europe. They are the closest disciples of the Cathar prophet and White Elder JOHN BOGOMIL. They are restoring the benefits of Cathar spirituality in the U.S.A and worldwide.

Location: Avalon Visions

2815 Porter Street, Soquel, California, 95073


Public Talks on Catharism in the UK