The rehabilitation centre ‘Egaztienea’

‘Your music gives them the strength to win!’

The rehabilitation centre ‘Egaztienea’ (transl. as ‘Bird Paradise’) for children with intellectual development problems is situated in the town of Logroño in Spain. There is a shelter for the horses that have served their time in a circus or at a hippodrome and were rescued by employees of the shelter from death in a slaughterhouse.

For several months Mozart’s pieces interpreted by John Bogomil sounded non-stop in the centre. The divine vibrations of love and kindness heal those whom modern medicine cannot help!

The letter of the project manager, Naroa Pérez Sabando, to John Bogomil:

“Father John, your music makes miracles!

You are personally present here with every horse and every child, and restore their hearing by reminding them that there are a loving Father and Mother, Who are ready to die for them a million times. You restore the memory of their earthly mission. Through voicing the language of superior celestial spheres, you transmit love, purity and immaculacy, which are not of this world, to children and horses that listen to you with their open hearts.

The children, who previously could hardly coordinate their movements, are now doing the movement prayer, trying to copy you. Those who had problems with articulation and singing now sing the triumphal marches…

Your music gives them the power to win. Your love returns to them joy and the ability to listen to the Divine Mother; and not only to the children, but also to the horses that become kinder more and more.”