Why am I a Cathar?

Myrrhophora Dennis, the Cathar community, Glastonbury, UK:

I am a Cathar because this phenomenal new way of living actively promotes astonishing personal and global transformation in an accessible form. Cathar spiritual practises elevate me to a tangible reality where unbelievable miracles occur. 

I have followed this path for nearly five years, but each day I wake up and realize that my journey just began. Catharism is always fresh and never fails to surprise me with wondrous discovery. It quite simply answers all my questions … and much more.

I have no doubt that the sheer strength of Cathar love can change the world in a positive way. Catharism is completely different – there is nothing else like it for sure.

Since becoming a Cathar I have experienced unbelievable happiness, freedom, new abilities, creative gifts spiritual treasure, and pure joy.

Borislav Dobrinic, The Cathar community, Zagreb, Croatia:

I met Cathars when I was twenty. I was studying at the university at that time and was just like an average young man. The purity of the Cathars impressed me most of all. I noticed that they thought, spoke and acted in the same way (in purity); and I also sensed the presence of Goddess Mother.

After a couple of visits to Cathar prayer meetings I was absolutely sure that I had finally come back to my eternal family. I did not have any doubts about becoming a Cathar forever.

Antuan Katarov, the Cathar community, Munich, Germany:

Catharism captivates with the high ideals of kindness, purity, knightly nobility. To be a Cathar is an honour. Humanity misses true, universal spirituality. Catharism is a spirituality of the future century!

For me Catharism became a way of life. Since my childhood I have been looking for the meaning of life. I tried to understand why there is so much lying, evil, betrayal and suffering in the world. I have been searching for truth, true friendship. Only among the Cathars I have found what I had been looking for, my soul has found a home.

It’s great joy and happiness for a man to live among kind and pure people, to acquire true faithful friends among divine near ones!

Siluan Bogomilov, the Cathar community, Russia and Israel:

The modern spiritual world is the interlacement of spiritual traditions, schools and discoveries. Some get mystical experiences through revelations, others do it through practice. Some people trust common movements, and some look for new ways of cognition. In this sea of spiritual searching one can sink or fall into an “uninhabited island”.  How important it is to find your “ship” with white sails. On the other hand, millions of seeking people wish to find light ancient spiritual roots in their culture and folk tradition.

I would like to share with you long ago forgotten, but again returning culture and spirituality – Catharism. Cathars comprehend the world through a brilliant purity, which reforms a person into divinity here on Earth. Catharism is an ancient Pan-European spiritual tradition. The one who improves oneself through this school begins to live the life of ancient and future deities. As the beautiful butterfly is born out of the caterpillar, so the divinity is born out of the common man. The “depths” of Buddhist compassionate practice, Christian heights of divine love, chivalrous spirit of modern Islam and Sikhism and widths of joyful Slavdom and Hinduism are present in Catharism. Catharism easily solves the problems raised in the modern world; as internal so external. Moreover, Catharism possesses the experience that other practices and schools don’t have. Catharism enriches its mystical experience generously with the experience of kind civilizations of other planets and galaxies. Catharism unites people, nature and the whole universe in a kind family that is improving oneself in love, kindness, mercy, compassion and purity which gives immortality.

Anna Lebedeva, the Cathar community, Moscow, Russia:

I was born in a family of modern Cathars. Since childhood I appreciated the relationships among Cathars. I was able to watch this tenderness, love, purity, simplicity and also honesty and philanthropy.

At some point I became inspired by the unique Cathar world outlook and high education among Cathars. Having finished school I decided to live in a Cathar community. Here surrounded by my brothers and sisters I feel among people like myself – the happiest people on Earth.

Ratmir Jackson, The Cathar community, Wales, UK:

If you ask me “Why did you choose Catharism?” then I shall reply “I didn’t choose Catharism – it chose me!”. I believe that for many cathars, a kind of destiny guides them towards Catharism – for some : that process takes place quickly whilst they are still young and for others (like myself) the process of being guided may take decades. The most important part of this process (I believe) relies upon the ability to recognise the truth when it confronts you – this is the gift of discernment.

I had spent 30 years reading hundreds of books as I searched for the great spiritual truth that was always just beyond my reach before I finally made a breakthrough. In 1995 I purchased a PC with broadband connection and began to search for spiritual truth. Within a few months I found a site that detailed medieval cathar beliefs – the truth jumped off the screen and hit me between the eyes, this was the great treasure that I had been searching for!

Is there one cathar belief that is more powerful than the others? Opinions will differ but for me it is the absolute separation of the good/kind god from the evil/unkind god who is our enemy and that our kind father is completely untainted by evil.

Lohengrin Garcia de Yzaguirre, the Cathar community “Blancos Carabeleros”, Valencia, Spain:

I chose the path of Catharism because I went to a concert of the Cathar Consolament Ensemble that made me weep because of the music and the lyrics. In the sisters who were singing I saw a reflection of the Goddess. And when the concert was over I went out of the hall and felt the presence of the Mother Goddess, which I recognized because on a former spiritual path I followed I felt it once, but that path did not lead me to a complete spiritual initiation then.

Mirofora Lebedeva, the Cathar community, Moscow, Russia:

For me the Cathar community is a house of the very Heavenly Father of pure love on the earth. It’s the place where the soul can find the greatest consolation, because like in the parable about the prodigal son, the Mother and the Father, and your own brothers and sisters will be faithful to you in spite of everything and always wait for you there. They are your truest friends on the earth who are able to see within you not your sins and weaknesses, but the kindest divinity that even you don’t suspect. They are able to love you as much as the Goddess Mother loves every human soul, purely and unconditionally.

The Cathar way reveals for me new life when you live as on earth among other people, but you really dwell in the empyrean heavens, because you experience bliss and joy comparable only with the joy of kind deities and anointed ones.

Catharism is a unique path of transfiguration, holiness and divinization, which changes a spiritual devotee beyond recognition in a matter of months, transforming any sinner into a great lamp of kindness, love and supreme wisdom!

Minna de Groot, the Cathar community, Glastonbury, UK:

Why am I a Cathar? Simply said: Because it is the only spiritual way of life that makes sense to me.

For the first time in my life – being in my sixties (!) – I have a sense of being in the right school, in the divine school of the Goddess Virgin Mother.

When I first heard the Cathars speak about the highest Divine Mother, everything fell into place; all my searching and questions ended right there. She would be all I ever needed. I was elated, a whole new dimension opened, a new birth, new life, new future!